Stella The MoonWalker

Stella The MoonWalker

Stella the MoonWalker size mini:

Tongue length: 2.5 inches

Tongue tip circumference: 2 inches

Tongue circumference at widest point: 2.5 inches

Upper jaw length: 1.5 inches

Upper Jaw circumference: 2.5 inches

Base width across: 2.3 inches

Base length from ear to chin: 3.2 inches


Stella The MoonWalker Size Large:

Tongue length: 6 inches

Tongue tip circumference: 4 inches

Tongue circumference at the widest point: 6 inches

Upper Jaw length: 4.4 inches

Upper Jaw tip circumference: 5.5 inches

Jaw circumference at lowest point: 5.8 inches

Base width across: 5 inches

Base length from ear tip to chin: 6.7 inches