Here we have composed a list of our frequently asked questions! If you can't find the answers here, consult us at kuduwiththevoodoo@yahoo.com!

Q: What is your email response time?

A: Please understand we are a small company and often it is one single person who wades through the emails. PLEASE be prepared for email responses to take 1-3 days! And we DO NOT work weekends, so that means we will no longer respond to emails outside of working hours! Please keep this in mind! If you do not get a response, please email us again or reach out on social media. Sometimes emails do slip through the cracks!


Q: Do you take custom orders?

A: No, we no longer take custom orders of any kind. We do solely ready made inventory!


Q: Can I pay you to skip the chaos of drops and you pour me a random colored toy?

A: No, this falls under the custom category and we simply will not take on orders like such! We try to stock the shop with large drops so there is something for everyone.



Q: When do you restock the shop? How do I know when your next drop will be?

A: We restock the shop TWICE monthly! We are very active on twitter, follow us for fast updates at @Kudu_Voodoo, we always have our next drop date announced there. We also have a section on the main page of our site that is updated with the date and time of the next drop. We normally drop on Fridays at 7 PM CST but occasionally we have to drop on a different day of the week. But the time always remains the same at 7 PM CST.


Q: How many toys do you drop?

A: We currently drop anywhere from 50-100 toys per drop. But drop sizes range depending on events for that month!


Q: I haven't seen the toy I want in the correct size in a while, why is this?

A: If a certain toy size seems to be missing for a drop or two, it's likely its mold is out of commission and being redone! We try to drop a good range of toys and sizes but sometimes there isn't as many of a certain size or model due to mold issues or other factors.


Q: I had the toy I wanted carted and it sold out from under me! Why does this happen?

A: Drops are fast paced and can be a little chaotic. We do not permit cart holds and so unfortunately its first to checkout will get the toy. We do offer several payment options/ processors, we suggest being logged into your account prior to the drop to achieve a faster checkout and less likelihood that your cart contents will be bought before you can checkout. 


Q: Everything I wanted sold out, will you be making more?

A: We are ALWAYS making more of our most popular models that sell out quickly. So not to worry if you miss out! We will have more int he next drop.


Q: Do you offer pre-shop?

A: No, we do not and will not be offering pre-shop. It's hard on our site and simply doesn't work with our work flow. BUT if you follow us on twitter, on drop day we do toy previews so you can get an idea of what is being dropped that day. We also answer questions there as well. It's a party we suggest you come join!


Q: Is the toy in the listing what I get if I order?

A: Yes, what you see in the listing is what you will receive! That EXACT toy is what you are purchasing!



Q: I'd like to cancel my order, can I?

A: No. Under no circumstances to we offer order cancellations. We have updated our policy to be more strict on order cancellations, due to customers taking advantage of the cancellation policy we have had to do away with them. We can no longer afford to offer order cancellations so PLEASE SHOP RESPONSIBLY!!!



Q: I realized I'd like another toy more than the other one I just purchased, can I exchange it? 

A: No. We DO NOT. Offer exchanges. Please read the listings carefully before purchasing and browse the shop thoroughly to ensure that the items are right for you before checkout. We do not do exchanges for any reason, size included. So please read the descriptions!!



Q: Do you ship discreetly?

A: YES! We always ship discreetly, as discretion is of the upmost importance to us here at KuduVoodoo! We ship in a plain brown box and we never put our name on the outside. We simply put a KV on our return address. For international orders we label the contents as simply "sculpture" and nothing more.


Q: Do you combine orders?

A: No, we do not combine orders under any circumstances! When you make multiple orders they will all come in separate packages. Order combination leaves a lot of room for error on our end and so we have eliminated it from our shipping process.


Q: Why is USPS first class no longer an option?

A: Due to some mishaps with USPS first class we can no longer in good faith offer it as a shipping option. Priority Mail is a much safer option for both customer and us and so for now we will no longer be offering First Class shipping for domestic orders OR international orders!


Q: I'm moving I need to change my address, can I?

A: Yes, you absolutely can if we are contacted with enough time.


Q: My friend helped me buy a toy, can I have it shipped to me instead of them?

A: Yes, you can but before we ship to you, we have to have proof from BOTH parties that you consent to the address change, and must have detailed proof of purchase before we do so.


Q: My package says it was delivered but wasn't. My package is slow, why?

A: Both of these examples are of things that we cannot help with easily! These are questions that need to be brought to your local USPS FIRST! And if nothing comes of that, then please contact us and we can see what we can do. We always want to help but the customers contacting USPS is much faster and you can get help quicker this way!


Q: When do you ship out orders?

A: We ship EVERY Thursday UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. If we have to skip a shipping day or are behind we announce it on our twitter! So if you order a toy late on Thursday evening it will then ship out the following Thursday. If you order a toy early on Thursday likely it will be shipped out that day. If you order around 3:00-4:00 PM CST on a Thursday there is no guarantee your order will make it for that Thursday's shipping. This is the time that we usually make our post office run! If we have already shipped packages that day by the time you place the order your package will be sent out the following Thursday.


Q: I am an international customer and my package still is not here, what should I do?

A: Because international shipping is very slow right now, it has taken up to 3 months for packages to arrive. International orders are on a BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK BASIS. So unless the package gets returned to sender, we CANNOT issue a refund due to missing international packages. Please be aware of this before purchasing!!!!

Q: I input my address incorrectly at checkout, what do I do?

A: MESSAGE US IMMEDIATELY!!! We do not make ANY changes to customer addresses at checkout unless we are told to do so in an email. It's important to note that whatever you put on your address at checkout is EXACTLY what goes on your shipping label. If you made a mistake on your order please email us immediately so it can be changed before shipping out.


Q: I input my address incorrectly at checkout and now it's been returned to sender, what do I do?

A: If you put in an incorrect address and it's been returned to sender it will take a few days to return to our hands then we'd happily make a new label with the right address BUT THE CUSTOMER WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY THE SECOND SHIPPING FEE!!! Please understand we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for an incorrectly input address and cannot eat the costs to ship the package again. We will calculate shipping once the package has returned to us and then the customer can make the payment directly to our shop paypal. So please triple check your addresses!



Q: My toy feels softer/firmer than another toy I have why? Is it the right firmness?

A: First and foremost we want to stress that this is a handmade craft! We want to bring it to customers attention that there are indeed variations in silicone firmness!! We offer three types of firmness:

Super-Soft: 00-20, similar to a very soft gummy candy

Soft: 00-30, similar to a gel shoe insert

Medium: 00-50, similar to a rubber eraser

When it comes to silicone firmnesses, variations DO HAPPEN! This means that sometimes a soft toy can feel firmer or a medium toy can feel softer, or so on. These variations are due to several different reasons including:

  • Differences in units of silicone straight from the manufacturer
  • The time of year
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Elevation
  • The pigments used
  • The size of the toy

Our toys will be labeled with the firmness that we’ve poured the toy in. If we pour a soft toy, 00-30, it will be labeled as soft! But we want to make customers aware of these variations that can happen in this craft.  These differentials in firmness are absolutely natural with a material such as silicone and should be considered when buying. Thank you!


Q: How can I know what firmness will be right for me?

A: Our silicone firmness scale is as follows on the durometer scale:

Super-Soft: 0020- Similar to a very soft gummy candy

Soft: 0030- Similar to a gel shoe insert

Medium: 0050- Similar to a soft rubber band

We also offer sets of firmness pucks that can be found here! These come with a sample of each firmness that we offer so you can personally feel what firmness might work for you!



Q: Where can I find a list of your models and sizes so I know which one will be right for me?

A: Please visit our Models Grimoire! This is where you can find detailed measurements of all of our models as well as soda can comparison photos! These measurements and photos will also be attached to every listing we put in the shop during drops!


Q: The toy i ordered seems to have a very slightly larger base/shaft than the same size toy I ordered earlier/later in the year or year before.

A: This happens over time as molds get older and slightly stretched. There is never a large size difference and is covered under the disclosure that these are handmade items. We remake molds every other year but over time the molds do stretch a little. This can cause the slight size difference.



Q: I ordered a toy and it's too big/small, can I return it?

A: No. Under no circumstances do we allow returns due to sizing. Please see the above link to our models grimoire to see a comprehensive list of our sizes! We provide ample information when it comes to sizing and therefore we do not accept returns surrounding size issues.


Q: The toy I ordered appears to have an undisclosed mishap and I haven't unbagged it, what do I do?

A: Please ALWAYS contact us FIRST if you think your toy might have a mishap that was missed. If your toy is still in bag we will require photos of the area you think is a mishap and then we can better inform you on what steps to take next. Under certain circumstances we will allow for partial refunds to match mishap price or returns if the mishap warrants such. We DO NOT issue refunds until the toy is packaged up and returned to our hands. We never permit the customer to keep the product if a full refund is being issued. In this instance we do cover shipping and provide the customer with a return label. Returns like this require VERY SPECIFIC circumstances. We reserve the right as a business to dub supposed mishaps as normal things that come with a handmade craft.


Q: The toy I ordered appears to have an undisclosed mishap and I HAVE unbagged it, what do I do?

A: Again, if you think your toy has an undisclosed mishap PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST!!! But please be aware that we have warning stickers on our packages for a reason, WE DO NOT ACCEPT REFUNDS/RETURNS ON UNBAGGED TOYS!! But please contact us so we can do all we can to assist you.


Q: The toy I received looks different in my lighting than the listing photo, can I return it?

A: No. We do not accept returns due to color variations under ANY circumstances. We do our best to provide well lit, unedited photos of our toys that capture the colors in a true manner. But toy colors will look different under certain lighting. This is the nature of color and we do not offer returns/refunds for this.



Q: Are your mishap toys safe to use?

A: Yes! We NEVER sell a toy that we deem as unsafe. We only sell mishap toys that have minor flaws that do not hinder the use whatsoever.


Q: What is considered a mishap on a toy?

A: We discount toys for distinct divots that are not part of the mold/smoothing/printing process. There will always be some texture on these toys as they are hand made!! But we discount for divots that happen that are not meant to be there.

We discount toys for pigment freckles, which are completely safe and will not work their way out of toys.

We discount for base patches where the silicone needed to be repaired on the base. We use body safe sil-poxy and will ONLY patch on the bottom side of the base of a toy. We do not sell toys that need to be patched anywhere but on the base.

We discount for mold pinches, something that happens when a mold shell is set up slightly off and the model itself gets slightly warped. This doesn't hinder usage, just is a cosmetic thing!

We discount for uneven bases, this happens when the toy is pour on a slightly uneven surface that causes the toy to lean slightly.

We discount for sloppy trim jobs on toys.



Q: What are your toys made out of? Are they body safe?

A: Here at KuduVoodoo we use ONLY platinum cure, body safe silicone toys! They are completely safe and non-porous so they can be sterilized by boiling! We pride ourselves on creating safe and durable quality toys that will last a lifetime if you take care of them. 


Q: I am allergic to latex, can I safely order from your shop?

A: Yes. We DO NOT use latex gloves or items in our shop. We use polyurethane gloves when mixing and pouring our products. We take great care in ensuring that our shop is free of allergens that could harm someone with serious allergies such as latex allergies or nut allergies. If you have any type of concerns, please feel free to contact us!


Q: My toy appears to have some very clean lines/marks on it that are in a pattern, is this a mishap?

A: No. These markings are caused by the 3D printed models that we use to make our molds. While we smooth these models to the best of our ability, there still tend to be small print lines/marks that can show up on toys. If you are unsure if these marks are a mishap or not, ALWAYS contact us first. We can better inform you to if these are marks made by the smoothing process or an actual mishap. This is a handmade craft and therefore these products will have marks that come with the territory of making these toys from scratch.