Shop Policies/Disclaimer


We do not offer order cancellations for ANY REASON so please shop responsibly!


ON SILICONE FIRMNESS: First and foremost we want to stress that this is a handmade craft! We want to bring it to customers attention that there are indeed variations in silicone firmness!! We offer three types of firmness:

Super-Soft: 00-20, similar to a very soft gummy candy

Soft: 00-30, similar to a gel shoe insert

Medium: 00-50, similar to a rubber eraser

When it comes to silicone firmnesses, variations DO HAPPEN! This means that sometimes a soft toy can feel firmer or a medium toy can feel softer, or so on. These variations are due to several different reasons including:

  • Differences in units of silicone straight from the manufacturer
  • The time of year
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Elevation
  • The pigments used
  • The size of the toy

Our toys will be labeled with the firmness that we’ve poured the toy in. If we pour a soft toy, 00-30, it will be labeled as soft! But we want to make customers aware of these variations that can happen in this craft.  These differentials in firmness are absolutely natural with a material such as silicone and should be considered when buying. Thank you!


ON RETURNS DUE TO SIZING: Under no circumstances will we accept returns, re-pours or exchanges due to a toy being too large or too small. We provide detailed sizes of all our toys so customers can accurately judge what will be their ideal size range. Please keep this in mind before ordering and research our sizing charts and photos thoroughly.

Due to the nature of our products we do not accept exchanges if the toy has been removed from it's bag. Please check all toys over THOROUGHLY before un-bagging. 

If there are ever any concerns with our product, please contact us first and we will do all we can to ensure you are a happy customer!

Due to the nature of this product, there will be small imperfections from time to time. Each toy is sculpted with love and care and we do our best to provide a beautifully crafted product.


Here at KuduVoodoo we make body safe, adult toys that are meant to be fun for an audience that is 18 years or older. We produce adult centered toys and anybody beneath the legal age is not authorized to purchase our toys or products. All of our products are poured in body safe, platinum cure silicone that is both sanitary and safe to be cleaned by boiling. We are not legally responsible for the misuse of our products and toys. Please use common sense when using our products. We are not responsible for overuse of our toys that results in toy breakage or damage.

All artwork presented on our site is copyright of KuduVoodoo and its is not authorized to be used elsewhere.

We as a business have the right to issue cancellations of orders and refunds for any reason we see fit. We also uphold the right to issue a ban to any customer who displays actions that we see to be problematic to us, our shop or our employees at any time.