The Kudu with the Voodoo

“She comes from the belly of the forest, bringing with her the ways of the shadows. She weaves her magic concocting the wildest of feats…but luckily for you, she doesn’t delve in the dealing of curses and dark spells. She only wishes to use her Voodoo to bring pleasure to those that ask for it. With hooves and horns she practices her crafts, providing fantastic toys for the hungry and wild.”

Kudu Voodoo specializes in bringing your wildest dreams into reality. We hand craft body safe, platinum cure silicone toys for your enjoyment! Each one of our products is fashioned with a little voodoo and a little love and made to put some magic in your life. We came out of the dark woods to bring you fantastic toys. So put a little voodoo in you.

Inventory toys ship within 2-3 weeks! Inventory toys are re-stocked every other week!

Please allow 6-10 weeks for custom orders! 

Browse our Voodoo Mishaps section for great discounts on toys that need good homes!

Our firmness scale is as follows on the durometer scale:

Super-Soft: 0020-comparable to a gummy candy

Soft: 0030-comparable to a gel shoe insert

Medium: 0050-comparable to a soft rubber band

Firm: 10A-comparable to a rubber eraser

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