Toy Care


Toy Care!

So you just got yourself a brand spanking new toy. You want to make sure that pretty beast stays spick and spam right? Well here we have a few very important instructions for keeping your pretty monster in pristine condition.

Cleaning: All of our toys are poured in body safe platinum cure silicone. This means that these toys are none porous and will not pick up any type of bacteria or other unwanted funk. To clean your toy you can bring a pot of water to boil right on your stovetop and simply submerge your toy in the boiling water for ten minutes. This seems terrifying to dunk your toy into a pot of boiling water, we know. But trust us it won’t turn into dick soup. A good boiling cleans your toy extra well and it is good to practice this a few times a month. Between uses a good wash with toy friendly soap and water will do to get dust and lint off your toy.

Storage: Because our toys are silicone, we do NOT suggest allowing your toy to be stored with other items of different materials. If your silicone toy comes in contact with PVC or jelly it could melt, discolor or warp. And nobody wants that. It is best to store your toy in its own bag, cloth preferably, in a safe, dry location.

Lubricant: When using your toy do NOT use silicone based lubricants. These will break down your toy and destroy it. Please only use water based or silicone safe lubricants with your toy!


Happy toying!