Mermaid's Shell Squishy, Size Onesize (Super Soft Firmness)

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Walking along the beach, the Kudu allowed the waves to lick at her hooves. The sun was setting behind a fire painted sky. The sand was soft, and damp. What a quiet place this was, only the sounds of the waves to keep her company. From a far off place…she heard something else. A song. A beautiful song, a voice so rich she stood still as if almost in a trance. It called her to the waves, beckoning her in. She looked to her feet. There laid a shell, painted and dazzling.

“Ah,” She thought to herself, “mermaids.”

She shook her head of the siren song and picked up the little gift from the sea. She would not be called to her untimely demise, not today at least.

The mermaid’s shell dimensions:

5.5 inches across