Krazor the Sky Eater , Size Large (Soft Firmness) MISHAP

Krazor the Sky Eater , Size Large (Soft Firmness) MISHAP

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The thunder is merely the sounds of this beast playing across the stormy skies. The flapping of his wings simply mixes with the anger and power of the weather. His roars ripple the lakes below him as he flies over. A shadow that looms on the ground below sending chills down the spines of any living creature who finds their shoulders darkened by him. But the Kudu does not fear his wide jaws and crooked horns. She smiles and dances in the rain he brings.

Krazor the Sky Eater :

Size Large:
Usable length: 8.5 inches
Total length: 9.5 inches
Circumference of tip: 3 inches
Circumference of head at widest point:8 inches
Circumference of mid shaft: 6 inches
Circumference of base:11 inches
This toy glows in the dark!

This toy is discounted due to a small bubble on the horn that does not hinder usage!