Tallo's Cursed Statue, Size Onesize (Soft Firmness)

Tallo's Cursed Statue, Size Onesize (Soft Firmness)

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These small tokens rattle and jingle inside the old burlap pack slung over the Kudu’s shoulder. They are little things, carved from precious stones. But don’t let their size and calm expressions fool you, they carry curses that come in many shapes and sizes. Some cause it to rain in very short bursts, only when you’ve not remembered to bring an umbrella. Others curse you to never be able to find your left sock. Annoying little things really. And so she collects them, to keep their mischief from the mortal realm safe and sound in powerful hands that can pursued the little beasts to behave themselves. Take one home with you if you dare…and be sure to buy extra left socks. You’ve been warned.

Tallo’s Cursed Statue:

Height: 3.5 inches

Circumference: 8 inches
This toy glows in the dark!