New KuduVoodoo Logo Sticker-Orange (Single and 3 Pack Listing)

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"Out of the darkness she came with a gift
A sense of magic and lore adrift
Little stickers she'd crafted with care
Things you could place here or there
On water bottles, boxes or cabinets
Maybe on the fridge with all the magnets
On a toolbox, tub or drawer
They are sure to brighten the surface, wherever they are."


KuduVoodoo has finally brought stickers to our growing lineup! Now you can slap some Voodoo rep wherever you'd like! This sticker is made of white durable vinyl that can stand up to wear and tear. These stickers are semi-waterproof but we don't recommend placing them somewhere that is constantly very wet or in the water. Reusable water bottles (which we highly recommend, save the environment!) are just fine to put a sticker or two on. These come in single sticker, or three pack options, and if you'd like a mix and match batch of several of our stickers please see our "Mixed Sticker Pack" listing.

KuduVoodoo Logo Sticker measurements: 2x2 inches