KuduVoodoo Crash Course

So, you've wandered into the realm of monsters and magic? Allow the Kudu to be your humble guide.


Here at KuduVoodoo we specialize in offering a range of platinum cure, body safe adult fantasy toys. We put a lot of love and a little magic into each and every one of our products. When looking to grab yourself a new toy first thing is first, what are you looking for? We offer several types of toys for all different walks of life. We offer

  • Dildos
  • Kegal Eggs
  • Fantasy Packers
  • Strokers
  • Stim Toys/ Squishies

    All of these toys are poured in our body safe silicone! Maybe you'd like to see your monster before you take them home? Then our inventory sections are where you are going to want to venture. We have two inventory sections, our regular Inventory and our Voodoo Mishaps section! Regular Inventory is a section where the photo of the toy you see, is the toy you get, so you know exactly what your beast looks like before you buy. Our Voodoo Mishaps section is the same way, only all toys there are discounted due to very slight imperfections such as divots, air bubbles or base patches. We NEVER sell anything that has flaws that will hinder the use or safety of the toy. Find our inventory sections here:

    We restock our inventory twice monthly! We announce drop dates well ahead of time to make customers aware. Inventory drops tend to be fast paced and inventory does sell out quickly! We try to provide a range of models and colors so everyone can find what they are looking for!


    Firmness Scale

    Our silicone firmness scale is as follows on the durometer scale:

    Super-Soft: 0020- Similar to a very soft gummy candy

    Soft: 0030- Similar to a gel shoe insert

    Medium: 0050- Similar to a soft rubber band


    We ship every Friday unless stated otherwise! If you order an inventory item on a Saturday it will then be sent out the following Friday. Please be aware and account for these wait times.


     Now you are ready to go out there and get yourself a monster of your very own. Don't worry, they don't bite.