Ruck the Wanderer

Ruck the Wanderer

He will smell you before he sees you. And he will see you far before you even know he is there. Such a massive form and yet he moves through the underbrush on soft hooves, silent hooves. Monstrous tusks that scar the bark of the trees and any enemies that he comes across. The Kudu only passes through the lands in which he wanders. She nods his way and knows he is there and she continues onward. One wanderer to another, she knows to move along.


Due to the handmade nature of silicone, please be aware there are minor inconsistencies and imperfections in this art form.  Models may vary from one to another and small things like print texture, texture from smoothing, and marks from mold making are common and do not hinder the usage of the toys.

Ruck the Wanderer: 


Onesize dimensions


Total length: 8 inches 

Usable length: 6 inches 

Circumference of Tip: 5 inches 

Circumference of Widest point: 6 inches 

Base circumference: 10 inches 

Tusk Length: 2.8 inches each