Asethia the Whatsamacallit, Size Small (Super Soft Firmness)

Asethia the Whatsamacallit, Size Small (Super Soft Firmness)

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The villages feared her. Those that traveled too close told stories of her. The wind whispered her praises and the earth hissed her nightmarish tales. Not a soul set foot near those fated caverns she was said to lurk within. Some were tempted by the treasures deep within the bellies of the caves that were foretold to exist there…but those that ventured into the mouths of those deep holes…never returned. She had a name sometimes, said beneath hushed breaths. Asethia, the beast who has no form. She was something and nothing at the very same time. She lurked deep in the shadows, watching, waiting for some stupid human to wander down far enough for her to get her claws around them. She knew no love but the cave walls…and she would do anything to protect them from the creatures that called themselves human.

Asethia, Size Small:

2 inch circumference at tip

4 inch circumference at mid shaft

5.5 inch circumference at widest point of shaft

5.5 usable length

7 inch total length
This toy glows in the dark!