Trex the Beast Packer- CUSTOM- size Mini/Small


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He was never one for clothing. In fact at any opportunity Trex was known for taking off his garments. A beast of the mountains there was no need for such things. He was a king of his domain, ruling with a stern fist but a kind heart. When the Kudu visited the noble lands she was always greeted by Trex and his army of fellow beasts ready to serve and greet her. Not a one of them with a shred of clothing on. Do not fear the beast as big as the mountains great, he only wishes to extend kindness and gifts, and a possible peek at his package.

Trex the Beast is our very first packer! His intended use is for packing purposes and we are not responsible for any damage that may happen due to misuse of this toy. A fantasy packer for those who are just as fantastical!


Due to the handmade nature of silicone, please be aware there are minor inconsistencies and imperfections in this art form.  Models may vary from one to another and small things like print texture, texture from smoothing, and marks from mold making are common and do not hinder the usage of the toys.

Trex the Beast, Packer size small:

Shaft Length: 5 inches

Total Length: 6 inches

Girth at widest point: 5 inches



Trex the Beast, Packer size mini:

Shaft Length: 3 inches

Total length: 4 inches

Girth at widest point: 3.5 inches


If you have a specific idea in mind or maybe need help with figuring out how many colors you'd like please feel free to email us and we can work out the details of your custom! We take inspiration photos and love to do toys based on characters! Email us at and we can help you build your perfect monster!

Choose your firmness! We offer super soft, soft, medium and firm as our choices.

Choose between a split and a marble, a marble is the colors intermixed together; a split is the colors stacked on-top of one another. For a split you can request the order of the colors to us for example: “Orange stripe on tip, green stripe on shaft, black balls”.

Choose your amount of colors! PLEASE write your color choices in your ORDER NOTES!! Without your color choices we won’t be able to start on your order. If you would like us to surprise you, please write “Surprise me!” in the order notes and we will choose colors for you. A list of our color options follows, if you don’t see the color you want, contact us we will happily color match for you and can mix any color!


What are House colors you ask?

House colors are our specialty colors that we offer for discounted rates! Not really sure what colors you want on your toy? Take a peek at our house colors for some inspiration. Find them in the HOUSE COLORS section in our sidebar. When choosing a house color, please choose the SPECIAL option in the color section then specify which House color you would like in your order notes. Here is a list of our current house colors:


1.MIDNIGHT RAINBOW: A seven color marble of UV reactive rainbow colors and black

2.BLIZZARD RAINBOW: A seven color marble of UV reactive rainbow colors and white

That’s it! You are done! You have successfully ordered a custom toy from KuduVoodoo and we humbly thank you for making this business possible!

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