The ChickenFoot Egg, Clutch of Two (REGULAR size)


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PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE LISTING BEFORE ORDERING, AND BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR COLOR CHOICES IN YOUR ORDER NOTES!!! We cannot start on your custom order until we know what colors you'd like, if you want surprise colors PLEASE LIST THIS IN THE ORDER NOTES! THANK YOU!! 

The chicken’s foot was an essential tool for the magic the Kudu was weaving. Dark magic, old magic, the kind that only exists on whispers. The kind that society likes to pretend was long forgotten. But it is still here, continuing to live on the Kudu’s versed tongue. She concocts her spells in the dead of night, under a moon full and fat, the foot taken from a chicken serving as her most important tool. She forges the talons into a trinket of protection, keeping her safe from the shadows that lurk just a little too close for comfort.

Our Eggs make for a diverse form of toy that can be used in several different ways. These are great for any egg laying fetishes and are perfect as textured kegal eggs. They also make great stim toys to squish and play with. Since the eggs do not have retrieval cords they are NOT suggested for anal use. Please toy with responsibility! Thank you!


Due to the handmade nature of silicone, please be aware there are minor inconsistencies and imperfections in this art form.  Models may vary from one to another and small things like print texture, texture from smoothing, and marks from mold making are common and do not hinder the usage of the toys.


The Chicken Foot Egg Regular Size Dimensions:

3 inches total length

5 inch circumference at the tip

7 inch circumference at the widest point



If you have a specific idea in mind or maybe need help with figuring out how many colors you'd like please feel free to email us and we can work out the details of your custom! We take inspiration photos and love to do toys based on characters! Email us at and we can help you build your perfect monster!

Choose your firmness! We offer super soft, soft, medium and firm as our choices.

Choose between a split and a marble, a marble is the colors intermixed together; a split is the colors stacked on-top of one another. For a split you can request the order of the colors to us for example: “Orange stripe on tip, green stripe on shaft, black balls”.

Choose your amount of colors! For egg clutches the colors you choose will be applied to ALL THREE EGGS. We do not do individual colors for each egg. PLEASE write your color choices in your ORDER NOTES!! Without your color choices we won’t be able to start on your order. If you would like us to surprise you, please write “Surprise me!” in the order notes and we will choose colors for you. A list of our color options follows, if you don’t see the color you want, contact us we will happily color match for you and can mix any color!

That’s it! You are done! You have successfully ordered a custom toy from KuduVoodoo and we humbly thank you for making this business possible!

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