Darien the Merchant, Size Mini (Soft Firmness) Dark Horse

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He’s the smiling face in the earliest rays of the morning sun. Having been up far before first light he’s loyally at his store front on the last street in town. He has an array of oddities, jars and boxes, feathers and bones. Some potions glowing in the dark corners of the well kept little shop catch the Kudu’s eyes. She knows if there’s ever an ingredient she needs, the grinning beast behind the counter is the one to come to. She doesn’t ask him how he obtains his items, it’s really an answer that nobody truly wants. But he always has what she needs and she always comes with full pockets.
Due to the handmade nature of silicone, please be aware there are minor inconsistencies and imperfections in this art form. Models may vary from one to another and small things like print texture, texture from smoothing, and marks from mold making are common and do not hinder the usage of the toys.
Darien the Merchant Size Mini:
Height: 2 inches
Length 3.5 inches
This toy glows in the dark!