RETIRED MODEL Bartholomew VOODOO MISHAP (super soff firmness)


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You hear a noise from the dark. A bump beneath your bed in the middle of the night. Something that gets louder as you listen. But don't be afraid, this beast beneath your bed doesn't have any intentions of causing you harm. His talents lie in the realms of giving pleasure.

Bartholomew the beast beneath your bed is a knotted, short, fat, frilled fellow that makes up for what he lacks in height with his delectable girth.


Total length: 5 inches

Usable length: 4.5 inches

length before knot: 2.5 inches

length after knot: 1 inch

circumference of head: 3.5 inches

circumference of shaft before knot: 5 inches

circumference of knot: 7 inches


This Bartholomew is discounted due to a small airbubble beneath his frill and a divot where silicone had to be removed on his knot. This does not hinder his use and is purely cosmetic.

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