Midnight Rainbow Aston the Alligatore, size small, (medium firmness)


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It came from the lake, deep from the depths, parting through the thick underbrush as it slid up the bank. With all teeth they smile, friendly enough as an Alligator’s grin can be. They propose an offer someone such as yourself can’t resist. A moonlight swim perhaps? Stargazing by the water’s edge? Who would have thought a big ol gator would be such a romantic.

Introducing the very first 3D printed model in the KuduVoodoo lineup! As of right now Aston the Gator comes in four sizes, shrunken dick, small, medium and large. The Gator has those textured balls you all know I love, with an interesting curve for those that like a little sway to their dildo. With a head lined with pleasant bumps and a silky smooth shaft this Gator aims to please

Gator size small dimensions:

Circumference of head: 3 ½ inches

Circumference of the top of the shaft: 4 inches

Circumference of widest point of shaft: 5 ½ inches

Usable length: 5 inches

Total length: 6 ½ inches

This Aston is discounted due to a small airbubble beneath it's head. This does not hinder functionality and is purely cosmetic.