Leena the Heaven Crawler, ONESIZE, (super soft firmness)


Regular price $80.00

In a flutter of dark wings she will make her arrival. You think to yourself that the shadows are too murky for anything divine to take roost within them. That is no place for things made of heaven to crawl. But your judgment fails you as the great being steps forward from all the dark places you’d written off. With glowering eyes bright as the stars she came from she outreaches a talon toward you. A curiosity sparkles there across her face and her lips curl in a moon-shaped smile. There aren’t beings so interesting in the heavens that she crawls from.


4 Inch Circumference at tip

7.5 inch circumference at mid shaft (widest point)

6 inch circumference at bottom of shaft

Wing is 3.5 inch circumference

6 inch usable length

7 inch total length with base

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