Feather (soft firmness)


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A feather plucked from the plume of a very rare dragon that resides deep in the forest. We journeyed deep into the thick of the trees with little more than our hopes of success and a pinch of bravery. No soul had ever come back successful. They claimed she was a vicious thing, proud of her kingdom lying deep in the dark cover of branches. She protected her land with every fiber of her being. We approached with caution, and instead of weapons we came bearing gifts of food and shimmery coins. 

And so as we presented her with our gifts of plenty, she welcomed us into her home.

As we took our leave many days later we were rewarded by a bundle of her shed feathers, magical things said to provide power, good fortune and health.

We intend to share the strength of the forest dragons precious feathers.

This feather GLOWS in the dark!

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