Easter Basket, Basket 5: (Soft firmness)

Easter Basket, Basket 5: (Soft firmness)

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This listing is for one of our celebratory Easter baskets! These baskets include one large egg, one medium sized clutch of two, one small clutch of three and a sqiushy easter bunny! Each basket is packaged in a random, fun easter themed soft basket and comes with various other small squishies and goodies. These baskets are also sold at a discount so if these items were bought individually it would be a higher cost. Because these are a bundle we decided they would be offered with a bit of a discount! The picture with the blue basket IS AN EXAMPLE of what your basket will look like BUT IS NOT EXACT. No two baskets are the same and are each a little different, which is half the fun! The other half is that one of these ten baskets will include something really special. Hidden in one basket is a golden egg that is worth $50.00 store credit!! If you find the golden egg in your basket it will come with a coupon code that can be used at any time. Happy hunting!

This basket includes:

One Large Alligator Egg: (uv)

The Alligator Egg Size Large Dimensions:

Circumference at Tip: 6 ½ inches

Circumference at widest point: 7 ½ inches

Total Length: 3 inches

One size medium clutch of two Vine Eggs: (uv)

The Vine Egg Medium Sized Clutch:

3 inches total length

5 inch circumference at tip

6 inch circumference at the widest point

One size small clutch of three bat eggs: (uv)

Egg Dimensions

Circumference: 5 inches

Length: 2 inches