Arith the Swamp Dragon, Palm Sized (medium firmness)


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She slinks through the marshes, the tall cattails dancing away from her as she moves. Young and lean and though not as old as these wetlands, she’s wise beyond her years. Those who try to wander through her terrain without permission may find themselves lost amongst the fog and gnarled trees. But, those who come to her lands with gifts of oddities and trinkets will find themselves in the presence of a hospitable dragoness ready to grant them safe passage, and possibly a more enjoyable evening than they bargained for. Arith is a wild and unpredictable thing, but as any creature she has her soft spots. A friend to the Kudu, we assure you Arith will grant you safe travels if you so wish.

Palm Sized Arith Dimensions:

2.5 inch usable length

3 inch total length

2.5 inch circumference with horns together

1.5 inch circumference single horn

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