Axis the Royal Unicorn, Size Large (Super Soft Firmness) Spring Thunderstorms

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The gentle jingle of jewelry swaying off of powerful limbs. A body adorned in only the finest of things. Legend says that if you find them, deep in the shadowy trees that they call home, you can offer years of your life to them in exchange for a wish. But it is always warned to be wary of this offer, the way they grant wishes if often…cheeky and misleading. They are a quirky spirit of the old world, a gorgeous thing really. To look upon them is said to be one of the most beautiful sights one can behold. They call themselves Axis, the Royal Unicorn. Of what royal line they actually belong to remains a mystery, maybe they are just royalty of the oaks, the wind, the river.
Due to the handmade nature of silicone, please be aware there are minor inconsistencies and imperfections in this art form. Models may vary from one to another and small things like print texture, texture from smoothing, and marks from mold making are common and do not hinder the usage of the toys.
PLEASE BE AWARE: Size Medium Axis ended up with far more print texture on the jewelry than is to our liking. The three that have been poured in this size are discounted. The mold is being immediately redone! Be aware that medium Axis has prominent print texture on both front and back of his jewel details. This don’t hinder usage but please be aware before purchase!
Axis, the Royal Unicorn: Size Medium Dimensions
Total length: 10 inches
Usable Length: 8.5 inches
Head circumference: 7.5 inches
Mid shaft circumference: 8 inches
Bottom shaft circumference: 9.2 inches
This toy glows in the dark!