Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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Once upon a time, in the Kudu's vast travels, she stumbled upon a small shop. In the middle of a swamp the little shack seemed a tad bit out of place. But curiosity got the better of her, she had to know what was inside. Upon entry she was met with the wide, toothy smile of an old dragon, glasses set low on his nose. He lived alone in the woods, sewing and creating garments to sell. But being in the middle of a swamp the one thing he was lacking in was indeed, well...customers. And so the Kudu began buying his wares, lovingly crafted by his elderly claws. And so we are now offering these wares to you! Need a radical shirt to sport a Kudu design? Well look no further, we've got you covered...literally!

These T-Shirts are a very soft cotton/polyester blend made for comfort and style! We are currently offering size Small through Extra Large, if there are needs for different sizes shoot us a message and let us know as this is our first experimental run with clothing and we are still gauging interest. Just like our hand crafted silicone toys, these shirts are also hand printed in house! We lovingly print each one of these shirts by hand so please be aware there may be slight inconsistencies with the ink lay-down of each design, such as slightly lighter or darker from one shirt to another or areas that are slightly lighter on the design or slightly darker.  This is due to the nature of a handcrafted art!

We currently offer three different colors listed below:

1. Smoke

2. Shamrock

3. Halloween Orange

All artwork is designed by our head Kudu, Ashes and is copyright of KuduVoodoo!