Bat Squishy (RANDOM)

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They are floppy, they are flappy, they are squishy...and they are ready to fly right into your heart. We've got too many bats flapping around the shop these days and the witty little creatures need somewhere to call their new home.

This listing is for a RANDOM bat squishy. If there are any colors you absolutely HATE please let us know in the order notes and we will avoid those colors. Or if there is a color you love, please feel free to leave us a note on that too.

These little friends have a wingspan of 8 inches and are 3 1/2 inches from ear tip to tail.

These are not made to be used as sex toys so please be responsible with your new bat. They make excellent chew toys, fidget toys and stress balls, but they are not made to be inserted anywhere. KuduVoodoo is not responsible for the misuse of our products.