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This is a listing for a mixed clutch, where you can mix and match the different type of eggs in your order!

A warm nest, buried deep in the earth, the clutch waits. They wait silent and unmoving, their mother nearby, watching with ever wary eyes. They will hatch to be just as strong as her, just as ruthless. But for now…they wait…

The Alligator Egg is a pleasantly textured toy that can be used as a kegal ball or a simple stress toy! Lumps and bumps galore this egg is the texture lover’s dream.

The Alligator Egg dimensions:
Circumference of egg: 5 inches
Length: 2 inches

The creature with many eyes came from a place that nobody knows the name of. She sees all, hears all, and knows all. Some say she came from a faraway planet. Others say she crawled up from the depths of the ground. Everybody has a story of how she came to be, but nobody knows the real tale. That she keeps for herself, an old secret that is hers’ and hers’ alone. She visits only when the moon is full and fat, the land bathed with light, so she can see all with her many, many pupils. She looks for those that are willing hosts for her brood. She will only come to those that silently ask. She needs a warm body to host her clutch, a human to hold her eggs for her. Will you be the host she’s looking for?

The many eyed creature egg is a one of a kind egg shaped toy that can be used as a kegal ball and is the perfect model for someone that likes their eggs a little wilder. We want to reach to all kinks and that includes ovipositing fetishes. This egg had just the right amount of subtle texture to please all types.

The many eyed creature egg dimensions:
Circumference of egg: 5 inches
Length: 2 inches

The Kudu’s hooves were heavy and yet graceful on the moist ground that lay out before her. She had been here many times, spent many hours, many seconds on her visits here. The natural formation rose up out of the cliffs proud and strong. It was old and wise, carved by the relentless hands of time itself. What a master artist it was. It was nearly sundown, the time of day when the orange glow faded from the sky, painting the world in all its gorgeous colors.  She raised her head, crown of horns haloing her skull. It was a mighty pair of decorations. Glistening eyes began to greet her from the dark as the daylight crept away and the night took the reins. And then they came. Rushing from the cave on the sound of beating, leathery wings, swirling and churning like one living entity. The Kudu grinned. What good old friends they were, the mystic bats of the old place. They surrounded her high shoulders whisking around her like a great shadow, greeting her with fondness.

Very good old friends indeed.

The Bat Dimensions:

Circumference: 5 inches

Length: 2 inches


An egg forged from the finest of things, sculpted by careful hands. Many claim to know its origin but very few are aware of the truth. But the Kudu knows where this fanciful object came from. It fell from the heavens being sculpted by the Heaven Crawler, a product of her hand, meant to bring pleasure to those who walk this earth.

The Winged Treasure: 

Circumference: 5 inches

Length: 2 inches



The Toothed One, a beast that lurks down in the deep crevices of rocky caves. It’s rarely seen, slinking by the shadow of night to take its prey. You will know it has been there from the shed teeth on the ground as it replaces them constantly. A beast of lore and legend, not much is known of this creepy one. Just hope it doesn’t catch you in the dark.

The Toothed One: 

Circumference: 5 1/2 inches

Length: 2 inches


Curling and twisting a tangle of flexible limbs, it comes from down deep; a textured pleasure ride of suckers and wrinkles. But fear not for this is a gentle creature who wishes to only bring pleasure to those brave enough to dance with it.

The Tentacle Tangle: 

Circumference: 5 inches

Length: 2 inches


Due to the handmade nature of silicone, please be aware there are minor inconsistencies and imperfections in this art form.  Models may vary from one to another and small things like print texture, texture from smoothing, and marks from mold making are common and do not hinder the usage of the toys.


Choose your firmness! We offer super soft, soft and medium as our choices.


Choose between a split and a marble, a marble is the colors intermixed together; a split is the colors stacked on-top of one another. For a split you can request the order of the colors to us for example: “Orange stripe on tip, green stripe on shaft, black balls”.

 For this listing you will then need to choose what types of eggs you'd like in your clutch of three! Your choices are:

The Bat

The Beast Seed

The Many Eyed Creature

The Alligator Egg

The Tentacle Tangle

The Toothed One

The Winged Treasure

Please specify which eggs you would like in your ORDER NOTES!

Choose your amount of colors! For egg clutches the colors you choose will be applied to ALL THREE EGGS. We do not do individual colors for each egg. PLEASE write your color choices in your ORDER NOTES!! Without your color choices we won’t be able to start on your order. If you would like us to surprise you, please write “Surprise me!” in the order notes and we will choose colors for you. A list of our color options follows, if you don’t see the color you want, contact us we will happily color match for you and can mix any color!


What are House colors you ask?

House colors are our specialty colors that we offer for discounted rates! Not really sure what colors you want on your toy? Take a peek at our house colors for some inspiration. When choosing a house color, please choose the SPECIAL option in the color section then specify which House color you would like in your order notes. Here is a list of our current house colors:


1.MIDNIGHT RAINBOW: A seven color marble of UV reactive rainbow colors and black

2.BLIZZARD RAINBOW: A seven color marble of UV reactive rainbow colors and white





That’s it! You are done! You have successfully ordered a custom toy from KuduVoodoo and we humbly thank you for making this business possible!


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